Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Final Project: Personal Mobile-Spatial Sound Projection Device #2

Here is my second "Personal Mobile-Spatial Sound Projection Device". For this project I thought to construct a device that could be pushed around within a public space such as a gallery. The sound projected here is being emitted through two small monitor speakers and is powered by one minidisc player. The sound itself was recorded from an aviary in the virtual space Second Life. Artificial flowers were added in order to reinforce the concept of the participants engagement with the projection device as being somewhat fictitious or imaginary.

Self Portrait Sketch

Above is a sketch for a project concerning the self. Ideally, on would lie underneath or beside the Personal Mobile-Spatial Sound Projection Device and emit a chosen sound out to space. Notice the external frame to the right of the image allowing for mobility.


John Mata is an artist based in San Antonio, Texas. Currently Mata is attending the University of Texas at San Antonio and is majoring in Art with a minor in Anthropology. The focus of Mata's current work is directed at the utilization of art as a means to conveying a message through personalized projection devices constructed with the concern for mobility. Mata has shown nationally and internationally and in January '09 recently held an exhibition with Sala Diaz Gallery in San Antonio, Tx. The purpose of this blog is to introduce another component to Mata's work. One which will provide information for the readers and introspectively provide feedback for the artist as well.

Monday, April 13, 2009

"South Town Dreaming Itself" Beto Gonzales

So I just thought to add FutureWorkerGirl's (aka: Leslie Raymond) blog of the site piece PBL (Potter-Belmar Labs) contributed to my show at Sala Diaz at the start of 2009 entitled "Sala Diaz is Open"... You can read all about it here as she wraps it up with a quote from artist Beto Gonzales.( I just had to borrow it for the title of this entry). Nice job PBL/FWG/SPOKENINE !!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Second Verse Same As The First

After spending three loads of laundry time ( approximately 220 minutes) in second life I came to a conclusion, the virtual world is a very quiet place. Inside Second Life virtual sounds surrounded my flights and teleportations. The ambience developed through sounds tended to sooth and put me in a state of relaxation. This feeling of relaxation kept me wandering about the feelings of anxiety I have in my everyday life and asking a couple of social questions. Are we living in a constant state of anxiety and are the sounds that we produce in the "First Life" one of the main contributors to such a state? So I am proposing for my next project to create an environment in first life that utilizes sounds for animated spaces. A few speakers and some amplifiers should suffice.
John Mata

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Documentation of room created for Future Utopia at Luminaria in San Antonio

The image above and following were taken during the process of de-installing the piece for Luminaria titled "Room made of mostly cardboard and masking tape, containing various media relating to the idea of New Media and Future Utopia". Chronologically I am presenting them from the last image captured to the first, including the loading of materials onto a pushcart and the stack of cardboard left for clean-up and recycling.
The first image (above) is of the area that I was provided with for the construction of the room. I decided to utilize the niche allowed by the convention center's design to serve as a structural support for the walls and rooftop of the room. This space was especially challenging in that I had to provide proper access to the fire hose without losing space within the cardboard room.
On a personal level, how materials are transported to a site are key to the process of understanding how a space will be organized and also allows me to be aware of scale and spacial limitations. It is for this reason that I have provided the following image of the cart I used for this piece and the materials and media that were placed within the cardboard room. I would like to note that the moving of materials without allowing them to be destroyed or damaged is considered as a "successful transfer" for me.
The next image is of the cardboard and wood that were used to provide roof and wall support.I thought the use of these materials were an efficient way to devise a structure and express the concept of "the obsolescence of art as a vehicle for creative expression and self exploration" I referred to in my proposal for the exhibition. Also, the cardboard seemed to be a much more inviting and "fun" material, given it's availability. Also, it poses as less of a liability if damaged or destroyed.
I will conclude with two images, the first is of two exterior shots taken during de-installation. The second image was taken during the opening of the exhibition. In this image a viewer becomes engaged with the room and the media devices within the space.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Project proposal for Luminaria

For the project at Luminaria (San Antonio, Tx), I have chosen to provide a "Safe house" from which information concerning "New Media" can be received and conveyed by the participants/audience of the event. The shelter or safe house will hold an assortment of different media such as dvd's and monitor, books, and an audio listening station that will allow those who enter it's area to listen, watch, or read materials that are related to "New Media". A live performance will also be scheduled, and will take place at a given hour during the events six hour duration. The shelter and all of the materials to be experienced within it's area will be transported by use of bicycle and bike trailer. Portable power converters will provide power for the electronic utilities and will be charged prior to the time of exhibition. My intention is to create an informative work of art that encourages interaction between the constructed space, the media within and the audience/participants. Currently I am working on an illustration to visually accompany the project proposal.

This piece is part of a group exhibition which explores the idea of Future Utopia. My inquiry into the concept, Future Utopia, is concerned with the obsolescence of art as a vehicle for creative expression and self exploration.

John Mata