Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Documentation of room created for Future Utopia at Luminaria in San Antonio

The image above and following were taken during the process of de-installing the piece for Luminaria titled "Room made of mostly cardboard and masking tape, containing various media relating to the idea of New Media and Future Utopia". Chronologically I am presenting them from the last image captured to the first, including the loading of materials onto a pushcart and the stack of cardboard left for clean-up and recycling.
The first image (above) is of the area that I was provided with for the construction of the room. I decided to utilize the niche allowed by the convention center's design to serve as a structural support for the walls and rooftop of the room. This space was especially challenging in that I had to provide proper access to the fire hose without losing space within the cardboard room.
On a personal level, how materials are transported to a site are key to the process of understanding how a space will be organized and also allows me to be aware of scale and spacial limitations. It is for this reason that I have provided the following image of the cart I used for this piece and the materials and media that were placed within the cardboard room. I would like to note that the moving of materials without allowing them to be destroyed or damaged is considered as a "successful transfer" for me.
The next image is of the cardboard and wood that were used to provide roof and wall support.I thought the use of these materials were an efficient way to devise a structure and express the concept of "the obsolescence of art as a vehicle for creative expression and self exploration" I referred to in my proposal for the exhibition. Also, the cardboard seemed to be a much more inviting and "fun" material, given it's availability. Also, it poses as less of a liability if damaged or destroyed.
I will conclude with two images, the first is of two exterior shots taken during de-installation. The second image was taken during the opening of the exhibition. In this image a viewer becomes engaged with the room and the media devices within the space.

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